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Genuary 2024

Genuary 2024 posts

Pen Plotting

Pen plots

Generative Art

NFTs on H=N and tezos


Acrylic on machine carved wood panels

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping of spaces and objects

LED Fixtures

Audio reactive LED Fixtures


VJing and digital outputs



Vinyl and Digital Releases

My Exhibitions

Beyond Textures – May 4th, 2019 6:00-9:00PM

New sculptural works on display by Woody Poulard. A series of visual explorations in wood and acrylic with the aid of technology. As a custom fabricator for international brands explores the intersection of 3D printing and the handmade to achieve shapes found in nature from the micro to the macro. With an opening at New Gallery on Saturday May 4, the show will be on view until the 25th of May.